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May 30

Last Comic Standing Review

Last Comic Standing

The new season of Last Comic Standing isn’t great, but I reviewed it anyway because I love you.

Apr 29

How I Met Your Mother: The Definitive Alternate Ending

Apr 21

Star Wars: Bad Foley Edition

Mar 27

The 7 Best (Worst?) Things About Corey Feldman’s Insane New Music Video

Corey Feldman has a totally bonkers new music video so I did the right thing and made fun of it a bunch. Read it on Paste Magazine.

Jan 28

Oregon Rules, OK?

My response to The Daily Beast’s dumb piece ragging on Oregon. Up today on Thought Catalog.

Jan 23

Broad City Premiere Review

Check out my first TV review of Comedy Central’s very good new comedy Broad City.

Jan 20

Which Muppet Should You Actually Live In?

Which beloved puppet’s hollowed-out torso should you call home? Take the quiz and find out!

Nov 26

The 33 Most Unbelievable Acts Of Idiocy Committed on Facebook

My latest collection of Literally Unbelievable’s greatest hits. Read it on Thought Catalog.

Oct 18

9 Awesome ‘Saturday Night Live’ Audition Tapes

My first piece for Paste Magazine. Read it and instantly improve your terrible Cosby impression.

Oct 15

25 Things You Definitely Already Knew About ‘Wayne’s World’

Read my latest and have your mind completely not blown!